Tuesday, December 18

Navigation Lesson, the First

From Captian Freymann:

The Acasta is on course heading NE with a fair wind out of the SW. The last heaving of the log indicates that she is making 6 knots. Lookouts hail the deck and report a sail sighted 4 points off the starboard bow. Capt. Freymann turns to the midshipmen, who are busily listening to Lt. Hamilton expounding on the mechanics of plotting the ship's position on the charts, and asks: 

1. What would the position of the sighted vessel be in relationship to the Acasta when plotted on the chart?

2. How many degrees are in a "point"? 

Bonus question: Which side of the quarterdeck (port or starboard) would Capt. Freymann be on when the ship was sighted? 

N.B. You do not need any special plotting equipment other than a piece of paper and a pencil to answer this question.


  1. 1. The other ship is due East.

    2. Very roughly, 13 degrees in one point. (12.8-something.)

    3. Wind is due astern, not coming from over the quarter. I believe Captain Freymann would be on the starboard side of the quarterdeck.

  2. 1. Due East
    2. 11.25 (360/32)
    3. Aft, at the taffrail :-)