Monday, January 13

The Third Lieutenant

Lt. Thomas Tumbusch is the son of a Royal Navy officer who hails from Portsmouth, a seaport and naval base in Hampshire, England on the island of Portsea in the English Channel (also the modern-day home of HMS Victory, Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar). Through a connection with one of his father’s former shipmates, he began his naval career at the age of 10. He previously served under Captain Fryman as a midshipman, and has since returned to his service after being re-posted to the Acasta as Third Lieutenant. While serving on the North American station out of Halifax, he had the good fortune to secure the affection of Antonia Norton, a tailor’s daughter, which enables him to sport much finer uniforms than he would otherwise be able to afford.

In the twenty-first century Mr. Tumbusch is a freelance commercial copywriter who specializes in marketing copy for the creative industry and green businesses (for more details, visit He has taught historic dance to people of all ages since 1988, and enjoys woodworking projects that re-create items from the Revolutionary War through the Arts and Crafts period.

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