Thursday, February 26

A Letter from the Captain

February 20, 1814

Col. David Van Meter, Esq.
Poole, Dorset County, England

My Dear Col. Van Meter,

I am in receipt of your Letter of January 17, and Sir, I am most overjoyed with the News which It contained regarding the Expansion of My Estate at Hulldon Cottage.   My dear Colonel, you have most definitely exceeded my Expectations, and Hopes, in the acquisition of 175 acres from the Earl of Brantford, and at a most advantageous Price to My Pocket!  I have had the Opportunity to actually traverse and examine the Property on several Occasions whilst attending Social Outings hosted by his Lordship.  I am most pleased with the access afforded by the Property to the small inlet thereby permitting Access to the Harbour and Bay beyond.  It is my Hope that a suitable Location for Construction of a small Wharf may be found along the southern Reaches of the Waterfront, capable of permitting the berthing of a small Cutter of American build which I acquired through Auction at Halifax.  I am most desirous that you conduct a Survey of the Waterfront Property with an Eye pursuant to the Construction of such a Structure.  

Should the Opportunity present Itself, I would be most interested in acquiring the Parcel of Land positioned between Brantford Road and immediately to the West of the current Boundaries of my Estate, thereby giving unfettered Access to that avenue.  

I have instructed my Agents at the firm of Coutts, located in the Strand, to place the agreed upon Sum for the Purchase at your Disposal.  This will enable you to conclude the Transaction.

I am most impressed with the Quality of the Map which accompanied your Letter, so much so that I have requested the Ship’s Carpenter, a Mr. Apple, who is a wonderfully skilled Craftsman and conversant in one of the Languages spoken by Native Populations of northern America, which he employs in a most robust Fashion when irritably disposed, to make a Frame so that I might hang it in my Cabin.  This will hopefully spare me from further of Dr. Roberts’s constant Complaints that even King Leonidas’s Lodgings were not as ”Spartan” as mine!

Your humble and Obt. Servant,

Capt. Robert Freymann 
HMS Acasta 
North American Station 
Halifax, Nova Scotia 

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  1. Give you joy of your acquisition, Captain Freymann!