Wednesday, November 30


Aboard sometimes it was not uncommon to hear three or more different languages spoke as you went past the messes at dinner. There was a German we all called "Fritz". I never learned if that was his Christian name or not. He bore a striking resemblance to the Captain and was about his same age.  There was a couple of Mids that fancied themselves poets and such. They would write and perform plays for the officers. If the officers approved, I suppose, they would then perform them for the crew. Any time they had a king or such they always got Fritz for that part- on account of his resemblance to the Captain- but if the Captain ever took offense it never showed and sometimes they did two in a month's time. One time Fritz would be Neptune and the next time Caesar. It was always good fun to hear him say his couple of lines with that accent.

Aside from that though Fritz had a spooky knack for knowing what the Captain was thinking it seemed. If ever we was wondering what was going to happen next we would go to Fritz and say "Well now Fritz what's the Old Man going to do about thus and such?" and he would say "Yah, vell I sink he vill...  " and what ever he said was always dead on. If he was ever wrong about the Captain I never knew of it.

- James Cullen, Remembrances of Eight years before the Mast, 1834.

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  1. It's a good thing Fritz remembered to remove his Seiko watch.