Sunday, May 27

Images of Life at Sea 10

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Other than the great piles of paperwork that I have resigned myself to as a Surgeon in His Majesty's Navy, I also do a great deal of reading. What am I reading here asks you? My well worn copy of The Sea Service Regulations.

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Tuesday, May 1


You are cordially invited to join the crew of the Acasta on a temporary bit of duty ashore whilst we hunt for the enemies of the Crown. Please be sure to study the broadside below:
And you can let Capt. Freymann know that you will be throwing in with the crew by visiting the proper page in the Book of Faces (below) and 'signing on' as it were. Please bear in remembrance that all Royal Navy men must be attired properly in order to serve:

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For all the rules of the SPY GAME be sure to visit the page dedicated to that purpose HERE.