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A Letter from Trafalgar

The following is a letter written by Robert Hope, a sailmaker aboard HMS Temeraire during the Trafalgar action in 1805.

H M Ship Temeraire
Portsmouth Nov. 4th 1805

Dear Brother,
This is with my love to you hopeing
It will find you in good health As I bless god
I am at present, what do you of us lads
Of the Sea now, I think they won’t send their fleets
Out again in a hurry, I suppose you know more
About the Action than I can tell you, the first
Ship that we Engaged was the Santa Trinidada
The Spanish four Decker. We engage her three
Quarters of an hour when the Victory fell [erased]
Along Side of him we dropd a Stern when five
More of the Enemy’s Ships came upon us and
Engage us on every Quarter, for one hour and
Sixteen minutes, when one Struck but being so
Closely Engaged that we could not take posession
Of her at that time, two more Seemed to be quite
Satisfied [wh] with what they had post so Sheer’d
Us, so with that Intent, one Dropt on our Starboard
Side, Called the La Fue, and other dropt on our
Larboard Side Called Le Doubtable, they Kept
A Very hot fire for some time But we Soon
Cooled them for In the height of the smoke
Our, men from the upper decks Boarded them
Both at the same time, And Soon Carried the
Day, at this time, at this time I Counted when
Smoke cleared away Seventeen Prizes and one
All on fire, But we have ^only got four Into
Giberalter, for a Gale of wind Came on the day
Following that we was Obliged to Scuttle them
for they was so very leaky, Taken & Destroyed
Is Twenty five, we had forty three killed
And Eighty five wounded, and twenty Seven
Drowned In the Prizes, I sent a letter to my
Father from the Rock, So when you receive
This please to let him know that I am arrived
In England, for I long very much to hear
from him. And Give my love to my Sister
And your answer upon the receipt of this will

Oblige your Loveing Brother
Robt. Hope

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Monday, April 13

Naval Establishment Gazette 2019

Naval Establishment Gazette 2019
By Their Lordships Command
Naval Establishment Gazette
For the Year A.D. 2019
Given at The Narrows , U.C.
This 12th day of April, 2020.

Notices and Appointments

VADM Richard Price, late of the squadron of His Majesty's vessels on the Penetanguishene Station is promoted Admiral.

James Lowrie, also late of the Penetanguishene Squadron and recently deceased, was due for promotion to Vice Admiral. His promotion is confirmed and his name will appear on the list for the remainder of the calendar year.

For meritorious service while serving with the HMS Chatham and for exemplary activity and service while commissioning her, Derek Walter is made acting-Lieutenant. A Lieutenant’s Board of Examination will be held in the future when time allows.

Major Christopher Black, Royal Engineers, is attached to the Western Lakes Station (Captain Schifferdecker officer in command) and is made acting-Lieutenant (N) when acting at sea until such time as he can be certified for further promotion in the Naval Establishment. He will retain his rank in the Royal Engineers for service ashore. Acting-Lieutenat Black and vessel Georgiana are detached to the environs of Lake Manitoba where she will survey and police the region.

For continued outstanding service to the Naval Establishment, Jason Grainger, warranted gunner (Amherstburg) is made Fleet Master at Arms.

Martin Burnett, of the Provincial Marine of Amherstburg is made Master Gunner (NE).

Warranted cook, Gurth Pretty of HMS Psyche, is made Keeper of the Stores, liaising with the Victualling Board, and is charged with keeping the Naval Establishment properly supplied and/or other duties as assigned.

All promotions to be dated from December 1, 2019.

Other appointments, Lieutenancies and Warrants are under review and shall be Promulgated shortly.
The Naval Establishment Squadron

The following vessels and longboats have served, or expressed willingness to serve, as vessels of A Naval Establishment squadron and Longboat Flotilla when circumstances and available support warrant.

Fair Jeanne, brigantine
St Lawrence II, brigantine
Playfair, brigantine
Mist of Avalon, schooner
Lynx, schooner
Empire Sandy, schooner
Black Jack, brigantine
The Naval Establishment Longboat Flotilla
(Subject to revision and correction)
Auld Alliance*
Dawn Star*
General Arnold
Bytown Whalers (2)
Royal George
Psyche(as Pandora*)
Bobbie G*
Red Wing
Queen Charlotte

(* winners of the Cock of the Walk award)

I have the Honour to be
With very great Regard
Thomas Hurlbut
Commodore (pro tem) commanding
Naval Establishments
Crown Forces North America .

G O D  S A V E  T H E  K I N G