About Us

The purpose of HMS ACASTA is to accurately portray a crew of His Majesty's Royal Navy circa 1800-1810 for the educational benefit of the public and for the mutual research and enjoyment of the individual members.

But we're gonna do it differently than it's been done before...

Our organization will educate via a series of first person activities designed to demonstrate the real lives of sailors as they go about their business and live their lives. Landing Parties, Surveying Crews, Recruitment Drives, Press Gangs, Shore Leave... these are but a few of the activities that our crew will undertake whilst encamped at an event. During duty hours, we follow proper Navy protocols and sailors are expected to live a sailor's life.

When the seeds were planted in May of 2011 to create HMS Acasta, it was decided right from the start to have the group be ‘invite only'. This was to ensure that the individuals would mesh well and that all members would be on the same page with the Acasta's philosophy of education through first person activities and demonstrations.

To that end, for the purposes of recruitment of sailors and new people to the group... we started the ‘Landmen Program'. This program works in TWO ways, it allows the applicant to see if joining the Acasta is for them, and it allows those in charge of the Acasta to ‘audition' the new recruit to make sure that they'll work out with the rest of the crew.

If the Acasta leadership finds you to fit in with the group's philosophy and you mesh well with the group, then you can move on to the next step in the process, being 'rated' and given a 'position' on the ship!

Please be aware that taking part in the 'Landmen Program' does not guarantee that you will become an official member of the Acasta. The leadership of the Acasta reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason.

There will be no quarter giv'n when it comes to authenticity. No modern glasses, no tennis shoes, no facial hair. Our clothing is hand-finished and the materials all linen and wool, like what the officers and sailors of His Majesty's Royal Navy would have worn. Our purpose is to present a faithful representation of what life in the Service was like to those who hope to learn from the events we attend, but also that we may have a deeper appreciation for the lives of the men we say we represent.

Anyone is eligible to join HMS Acasta provided they are willing to obtain the proper clothing (see below) and equipment and are serious about their living history presentation.  In order to participate in most encampments and camp activities, minors must be accompanied and supervised by a participating parent or legal guardian.

In addition, there are minimum ages for participating: any unarmed persons going onto the field must be at least 14 years old and supervised by a responsible adult; sailors handling weapons must be at least 16 and supervised by a parent or legal guardian.

To that end, if you're ready to go all out for a challenging, first person historical experience that is educational, entertaining and as accurate as they come, then sign on now.

(Adapted loosely from the 2d Virginia Regiment Manual & LaCroix's Company of Michigan Volunteers' website)