Friday, June 27

Lt. Hamilton's Camp

Acasta 1st Lt. Jas. Hamilton giving a talk about Naval life to the publick at the
Ramsey House's Jane Austen event June 7th 2014.

Hamilton's camp and the other Acastas assembled

Wednesday, June 18

The Battle of Stoney Creek

The Battle of Stoney Creek reenactment from a bird's eye view, filmed with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision.

Friday, June 13

Wednesday, June 11

Wintering in Bermuda

This week, we shall highlight past posts or groups of posts that you may find of interest.

Today we will look back at posts that try to imagine how the Acasta might have spent her winter in Bermuda in 1813. This series of posts was capped off with a very special post from Gordon Laco the lead historical consultant for the film 'Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World'.

Tuesday, June 10

Looking Back

This week, we shall highlight past posts or groups of posts that you may find of interest.

Today we will look back at the Naval Event at Niagara on the Lake in 2012:

Wednesday, June 4


FINAL Call to ALL Reenactors, 
Historians and Creative Writers!

The Royal Navy reenacting group that represents HMS Acasta will be attending the Jane Austen Festival in July of this year. One of the things that I'd like to be able to do is deliver a 'mail packet' full of letters to the various Acasta members. This is a project that I have undertaken in the past with other groups with awesome results.

This is where YOU come in, but HURRY! ALL submissions must be received by July 1st to be included.

Anyone who would like to submit a period correct letter to add to the packet is encouraged to do so! We'd love to have your contribution, however large or small! Anything added to the packet will help to enhance the historical experience for not only the Acastas who receive them, but for the public who will attend the Festival as well.

At last year's event, the Mail Packet was a huge hit with the Acastas and the public alike. Mr. Midshipman Raley delivered the packet to the Captain about mid-day on Saturday and the letters were passed out.

Some examples of things that we got as part of the project:

The Doctor got a secret coded message from Sir Joseph Blaine with the Admiralty. Obviously from a Patrick O'Brian fan.

Lt. Tumbusch got a notice from the Dutch East India Company letting him know that his stock was now worthless.

Rev. Mr. Griswold got a letter letting him know of the death of one of his parishioners.

Mr. Raley got a letter from his 'mother' back home written a professional author of nautical historical fiction.

A letter arrived for the Purser from a mysterious wife and children he claimed to know nothing of.

Capt. Freymann got a letter from a father in England looking for news of the location of his two sons.

Need some ideas for what to write? Try one of these:

Letter from a friend or colleague back home. 
(But none from 'family' this year if you please, last year we had to leave a letter out because Mr. Raley got TWO letters from his 'mother')
A bill or request for payment.
An overdue payment of debt.
A letter carrying news of the war(s)

Or, use the link below to see some other types of period letters:

The Complete Letter Writer...

Wondering what a period letter looks like? Here are some beautiful examples:

Contact me to find out where to send your finished letter… or questions, or for any other additional information.

Finshed letters will need to be to ME by the end of June so that they can find their way into the Mail Packet! But remember, all submissions need to be received by July 1st so that they can be included.

Don't know WHO to write to? Here's the lot of Acastas who are usually to be found at the festival:

So pick up your pen and paper and get writing, and HAVE FUN!

Tuesday, June 3

Hat Ribbons

A fun naval project done for the ACASTA sailors…