Wednesday, July 31

Acastas Ashore - Bridal Shower

Miss Waterman is brought into the Acasta camp via the sedan chair for her bridal shower.

...and escorted into the great tent by Mr. Cooper.

I was only allowed to stay for a few moments...
... before the gents were all banished. 

My youngest daughter, Sophia, looks confused by this gift.

Tuesday, July 30

Acastas Ashore - Cricket

Some of the Acastas watch a cricket game between officers and sailors.

Miss Waterman and company watch from the shade.

Miss Waterman gives it a try!
Miss Waterman scores a hit! Officers beat Sailors 18-5.

Monday, July 29

Acastas Ashore - A Duel

Mr. Midshipman Raley and his newly purchased pistol.

There was also some unpleasantness between Purser Mr. Cushing and Mr. Midshipman Raley. The above, taken by a witness shows the unfortunate business in full!

Raley's second, Lt Hamilton, makes the shot that saves the day!

Friday, July 26

Images from Jane Austen Festival

Likeness by Graphic Enterprises
Allow me to take a moment to invite you to have a look at some of the interesting images made by Mr & Mrs Cummings during our most recent visit ashore.

Thursday, July 25

Acastas Ashore - Daily Life

Acastas in front of the Captain's tent.

Ship's Carpenter Mr. Apple demonstrates caulking with rope.
Mr. Cullen
The last tiny bit of left-over 'spotted dick' from the night before.
The men tend to the colours.

Wednesday, July 24

Acastas Ashore - Boxing

The Acastas gathered to watch one of their own in the bare-knuckle boxing match.
The fancy gathers as well to see the match.
"Master of the Hose" Joseph Heink (left) versus "Jack Tar" Matthew Cullen of the Acasta (right)

Match #1 on Saturday Cullen wins!
Match #2 on Sunday Heink takes it!

Images by Lawrence May & Dale Matthews