Wednesday, March 21

A Presentation

APRIL 22, 2012
at Locust Grove in Lousiville, KY.
on behalf of the Greater Louisville Jane Austen Society

An educational first person presentation given by the Ship's Surgeon aboard the HMS Acasta during the period between 1800-1812. The Doctor demonstrates and explains some of the surgical techniques and ailments common to sailors during Britain's Age of Sail. Topics include bleeding, dentistry, scurvy, musket ball removal, amputation, even cranial surgery.

Learn about life aboard a ship during England's wars with France, Spain and the dictator bent on European domination, Napoleon Bonaparte.

In your 'modern world', the Doctor is Albert Roberts, mild-mannered high school Visual Communications teacher. Roberts spends his free time in the pursuit of strange and obscure medical and scientific knowledge of the 18th & 19th centuries, and typically has a heap of books on his night stand that range from period texts and journals to historical fiction.

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