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LT. Hamilton's Log 18 June, 1813

18 June, 1813. Aboard HMS Acasta North American Station
First Lieutenants’ log

After securing form predawn quarters the crew began holy stoning the decks. We were patrolling in company with HMS Valiant, the 74 gun third rate on a south-south east course off Nova Scotia. We had the leeward position to the north and east of Valiant. The galley fires had been lit and the officers of the watch were receiving their morning coffee when we heard a cannon shot from Valiant. Upon raising my glass, I discovered that not I nor the rest of the quarter deck were able to read the signal hoist due to a fog that still laid on the sea.

As we awaited a clearing Valiant fired a second signal upon which I ordered that sail be increased and that we steer one point to starboard in order to close Valiant.

We could see that Valiant was beginning to make all sail and adjusting course to the south. I ordered the sailing master to do the same. And continue to close.

We closed quickly as Acasta is a faster sailing ship due to her recent careenage at Halifax.

Within twenty minutes we could the signal flags reading “Enemy in sight.” “Wasp in pursuit.” Followed by “Equal speed and follow.”

We responded with an Affirmative.

We reduced sail to match Valiant.

As the chase was to windward of Valiant we are unable to see her and as such I gave the order for hands to breakfast as it will some time I suspect before we come to action.

A noon we could see the smallest part of the chases topmast over the horizon.

Noon sights 40d 55m North, 64d 53m W.
Sky clear, winds west northwest and steady. Seas a light chop.

Lt. James Hamilton RN

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