Tuesday, November 6

Rule, Britannia!

Greetings Acasta Log Reader,

Above is an artistic piece designed specifically to promote the HMS Acasta group and website. It features (from Left to Right) Capt. Robt. Freymann, 1st Lt. J. Hamilton waited on by honorary Acasta D. McArdle, 2nd Lt. M. Ramsey, Midshipman D. Raley, Purser B. Cushing, Able Seaman Mr. Houston, Acasta Surgeon Doctor Roberts, Able Seaman Mr. Alexander.

You may feel free to make use of this piece so long as you do not remove the 'HMS Acasta' website address, or alter the images in any way. Also, having the picture LINK back to www.hmsacasta.com would be greatly appreciated.
A few additions to the Acasta log this past month include the addition of author James Vassermann.
The new buttons & new author credit.
I have also experimented with the addition of buttons at the bottom of each log entry to more easily allow you to share posts you like with friends via email, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. 
On a sad note, I got the following message via Commander Schifferdecker on the Western Lakes Station: 

"Voluntary Mourning Mark 

During the coming 2013 re-enactment season, naval re-enactors are encouraged to consider the voluntary wearing of a black cloth armband on the left sleeve as a mark of respect for the loss of BOUNTY, and her people who perished. 

Victor Suthren 
Hon Capt(N) 
Commodore pro tem 
Naval Establishments 

The Acasta crew will be honoring the Bounty in like fashion during this coming year at several of our official events. 
The Doctor with his black armband at the Muster on the Wabash,  Nov. 2012.
On a less somber note, if you enjoy reading the adventures of the HMS Acasta, be certain to become an honorary member of the crew. This is a simple way to show us that you're out there and paying attention. It is a simple matter really, there is a blue button along the right side of this very page that will allow you to join. 

And Second, I would ask that you comment from time to time on the posts that interest you the most. This is an excellent way to let the crew of the Acasta know what you, the reader, is the most interested in seeing. It is always most gratifying to know what the readers like. 

The Acasta log is generally updated every weekday at 8am CST, visit back often, and tell your History/Royal Navy friends to visit us.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Well done, sirs! I wish you success in your endeavours.

  2. If I did not mention so previously, that is a very well-done, and I think, effective, banner.