Monday, February 18

A Return to Bermuda

Bermuda, 18th Feb 1813

The Acasta has return'd to the Navy Dockyard after a fruitless search for the American frigate that chased HMS Dotterel at the first of this month. The Acasta, as well as the other ships of the search party, the Ramillies and Dotterel, found no evidence of the mystery frigate after our extended hunt.

Whoever she might have been, she must have been fast and well ahead of us.

The Acasta is scheduled to return to the blockade in the North American Station after taking on fresh water and provisions. I need to go ashore and procure some medicinals to refresh some of my depleted stores. I will plan my trip ashore in such a way as to be of a sufficient length that I might get a decent meal while in town.

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