Tuesday, March 12

From the Surgeon's Personal Log 24

We have departed the comforts of Bermuda once more to rejoin the blockade. With today's steady rains, it has become nearly impossible to stay dry. The water does tend to run down below deck in vast quantities in weather such as this. 

The routine of shipboard life resumes with its watches, duties and meals. I have taken the opportunity to make attempts at completing my forms and catching up on my entries. I have never been good about tending to my paper work as anyone who knows me can attest. 

There have been blessed few injuries or wounds to report of late. Some minor scrapes and bruises associated with women coming aboard at Bermuda and mild drunkenness. I have plastered the cuts and applied salve where required, although I suspect that I will be required again for some of the men once the first symptoms of the 'diseases of Venus' catch up with them. There is always an increase of complaints of that sort whenever the Acasta has dealings with a port.


  1. You know, I just put together where the term 'venereal disease' comes from... thanks Doctor :-D