Monday, December 28

Events of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, let's have a look back at some of the events attended this year by the crew of the Acasta! Be sure to join us again in January when we start posting daily again, Monday through Friday at 8am cst. We hope you have a happy and prosperous 2016!

200th Anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans,
British Field Hospital, Chalmette LA. January 2015

Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous,
Vincennes, Indiana, May 2015

Aboard L'Hermione
Alexandria, Virginia, June 2015

Shore Party, Historic London Town & Gardens
Edgewter, Maryland, June 2015

Going Home Dinner, Locust Grove
200th Anniversary of the Acasta being called home for the last time
Louisville, KY. July 2015

The Fair at New Boston, Press Gang, Springfield, Ohio, Sept 2015

Jane Austen Society of North America, Annual General Meeting
The Captain and the Doctor give lectures to attendees at the Galt House Hotel
Louisville, KY. Oct 9-11, 2015

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