Thursday, September 22

Evolution of the Acasta

Looking back over the years at the various members and events that have forged the Acasta into the unit it is today.

Sept. 2012 New Boston
Oct. 2012 Trafalgar Dinner
Feb. 2013

July 2013 Jane Austen Festival
Aug. 2013 New Boston
Sept. 2013
Oct. 2013 The Doctor's Wedding
Oct. 2013 Mississinewa

Jan. 2014 School of the Sailor

July 2014 Jane Austen Festival

Sept 2014 New Boston

2014 Fort Bowyer

Jan 2015 Battle of New Orleans

Sept 2015 New Boston

June 2016 Gunboat Weekend

July 2016 Jane Austen Festival

Sept 2016 New Boston

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