Wednesday, September 13

Cooking for the Crew part 3

Dishing it out

Written by Acasta Ship's Cook: Michael Schwendau

So, the recipe has been sourced, ingredients made or found, all has been mixed, chopped broiled, basted or boiled. Time to eat the creation brought to life again by you in the pursuit of getting it historically correct or acceptable with in your means.

Service of historical dishes with meals that surround it is always a blast. As Chef Walter Staib has said in his series and books; “I don’t know what Ben Franklin ate or what John Hancock ate, but I can tell you what was served at the table and what they drank.” From there it is anyone’s guess. If you want to go for authenticity of service, there are plenty of housewife manuals or stewards books to refer to. The New York Public library has a great collection to give one the idea of how it should look finished on platter and how it is garnished. 

Especially at events, the Tavern keeper likes to put a new dish or two before the group for them to try and other staples they know. Patrons of events enjoy talking about the food we are handling, what we made, are you going to eat that? Is all too common of a question. The crew let us know what they like and what they prefer not to see in the near future if ever at all. There is no greater reward of fellowship than a meal. From the first bite to the rowdy rounds of sea shanties lead by the Carpenter. 

The meal, is the experience we give each other over a few crumbs of bread and plenty of cheer.

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