Friday, April 13

The Acasta is in the Details

The last page of the Acasta Sailor's Visual Guide that discusses some of the details you can make use of to round out your impression. It also covers the list of things that are NOT allowed. Click any image to enlarge.

The 'Success to Nelson' mug, based on an original. Our own Tony Gerard had a series of these made for the group.

A graphic that details what facial hair is allowed in the group.

Tony Gerard shows off his medical leeches to the public.

Images from our popular Mail Packet project. Full of beautiful paper folding, handwriting, wax seals and reproduction stamps!

A table full of sailing gear laid out by Buzz Mooney.

One of the edible reproduction 'Blue Pills' created by Albert and Tony.

You don't want to know how Tony achieved the authentic look of this blood spattered canvas table cover.

Sculpting the brim of a new straw hat to better replicate the one seen in the period image to the right.

Our Boatswain's hat, hand painted with our own original design.

One of the many period style Acasta broadsides

The hand painted canvas envelope that the mail is delivered in.

You get the idea... a well rounded impression is more than just a suit of clothes! It's about the little things that make it really come to life for the public. Just imagine in 200 years, reenactors will be trying to reproduce the stuff you have in your pockets right now!

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