Monday, November 5

October 1812 Capture

26 Oct 1812 The Two Brothers, Hayte, from Bristol to Baltimore, is detained by the Acasta frigate, and sent for Halifax.
U.S. Privateer- Two Brothers
Class- Schr.
Guns- 3
Men- 60
Commanded by- Capt. H. Ferlat, &c.
Out of- New Orleans
Ships- 0
Brigs- 0
Schrs- 0
Sloops &c.- 1
Cargo, and estimated value- R., S., &c.

During the War with Great Britain, from 1812 to 1815.
Burnt -- the Sloop Venus, of Jamaica.

George Foster Emmons, The navy of the United States, from the commencement, 1775 to 1853; with a brief history of each vessel’s service and fate ... Comp. by Lieut. George F. Emmons ... under the authority of the Navy Dept. To which is added a list of private armed vessels, fitted out under the American flag ... also a list of the revenue and coast survey vessels, and principal ocean steamers, belonging to citizens of the United States in 1850. ( Washington: Gideon & Co., 1853.) page 194, 195

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