Thursday, September 29

From the personal Journal of Lieutenant Ramsey

The latest orders from the Admiralty have required an interesting change in the routine of Naval life aboard the Acasta, or at least for two of its members. Dr. (name withheld) and I are to be set ashore in the United States on a mission of Great import. A task which may take us far away from the waters of the Naval world.

Early in my Naval career, as a young Midshipman, I had many dreams and ambitions of the many glories that surely lay before me. Never in all my imagination could I ever have foreseen that the Requirements of the Service would ask me to participate in acts of such a Politico nature. It would seem that my mind will have to my countenance must become accustom to subterfuge as my legs become accustom to the land. But, as they say, we are not the Designers of our own Destinies.

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