Wednesday, September 21

From the Surgeon's Personal Log

I was called into the Great Cabin at six bells in the Forenoon watch with 3rd Lieutenant (name withheld).

Lt. (name withheld) and myself have been assigned a covert mission to recover a packet of important papers that has fallen into the hands of an American intelligence agent. It is believed that this agent will pass the papers on to a more prominent American agent on or about 7 October.

Capt. Frymann has ordered us to go ashore in our regular clothes in an attempt to recover these papers and discover the identity of the prominent American agent. We were told to carry our Navy commissions along with a letter writ by him in the event that we should encounter other Navy men and might need to enlist their aid.

The Captain has inform'd us that starting on the 20th October (giving us just under two weeks to get there and two to get back) he will begin to bring the Acasta in near the coast daily at [a pre-set time] for an hour and look for our signal in order to be able to retrieve us. He has called to the Armourer for a RED Congreve rocket for us to fire when we are ready to signal the Acasta for our return.

The Captain took the Acasta in as close to shore as he felt he could get at around five bells in the Middle watch in order to avoid the attention of the American ships stationed nearby. Mr. (name withheld) and I packed our civilian clothes and were escorted ashore in one of the longboats by Lt. Hamilton. We were dropped ashore and Hamilton saluted and wished us 'happy hunting'.
Mr. (name withheld) and I checked our pistols to ensure that they were in good working order and stowed the red rocket in our bag. We watched as the longboat pulled away for the Acasta, and then made our way up from the coast to the nearest road by moonlight.

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