Friday, January 20

From the Surgeon's Personal Log 11

The following letters come from my recent personal correspondence concerning a matter of book-binding.

 Dear Dr. Roberts,

I am about to deliver up the "Naval Surgeon" to the printers. I have found a replacement for Plate VI. Amputation Instruments. When I was about to embark upon Plate V. Trepanning Instruments, I happened upon the very same in your published works on your adventures aboard HMS Acasta. So to the question. Is it possible to get a [finer] copy of this plate? It will certainly be easier to complete the work in question. Your assistance would be most helpful.

There is not any particular rush, as these plates will be inserted after binding.

I remain,
Y.H. & O.S.
Lt S---------
My dear Lt. S---------,
I bring you greetings from the North American Station. I am always gratified to receive mail from my fellows, especially in this cold and dreary season of the Year.

As to the plate in question, I am afraid that I do not have a larger version of the image of the Trepanning tools. I have also performed a search for such with no luck. Do you not think that your printer might be able to make due with my version? It is my understanding that if the book itself is not too sizeable and the image does not have to be enlarged to fit upon the page, it may just suit the purpose.

Additionally, should the plate be reduced in size to fit upon the page, there would be no loss of detail would there? Of course, I shall leave it to you, as your knowledge in this matter will naturally be greater than my own, as I do not have the book in my hand to reference for such details.

I am quite in your debt for the printing and binding of the volume in question, it shall be a fine addition to my little medical library here. Are you certain there is not some way for which I might repay you for the book? Perhaps there are some papers I might be able to draw up for you? I have been called upon once or twice to ply my pen in the service of my fellow men, with admirable results.

It is my sincere hope that this missive finds you well and the Acastas here join with me in presenting their best compliments to yourself and Crew. If, in your affairs here, I can render you any acceptable service, I beg you will use that freedom with which I wish you to command, dear Sir,

Your affectionate and obedient servant,
Dr. A. Roberts

N.B. Whenever your leisure will permit, it will always give me the greatest pleasure to be informed of your welfare.

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