Friday, February 10

From the Surgeon's Personal Log 12

I have received another letter, and one that bears exciting news! You may read its contents below.

Lt. Schifferdecker of the Nancy
Winter Quarter
Western Lakes
HMS Nancy in Ordinary

Dear Doctor Roberts,

Thank you for you kind letter of the 12th ultimo. The crew is snug in their winter quarters ashore and are currently employed in procuring two new boats for His Majesty's service. Suitable material abounds in this country and the men are cracking along at a feverish pitch. No doubt this will give us the edge next season and we will give old Jonathan quite a dusting!

The "Naval Surgeon" has come back from the printer and the first volumes are in process in the bindery. I have begun to replicate the plate in question and I hope it proves satisfactory. I hope to have the volumes completed by the end of the month...

Your kind offer of payment is duly noted, but I must insist that this be gift. So let us hear no more of this subject.

I remain,
Y.H. & O.S.
Lt Schifferdecker

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