Monday, February 13

From the Surgeon's Personal Log 13

The swatches sent for my book's covering
I was sent along several paper swatches from which to choose the cover of my newest volume to my collection of medical books. While they are all quite lovely, anyone who knows me well knows how partial I am to green. Therefore, I have written back to Lt. S., to let him know my preference.

Additionally, I have enclosed excerpts from my most recent letter to him:

HMS Acasta
North American Station

My Dear Lt,

You are too kind Sir, I will be very pleased to add these volumes to my little library. I have no doubt that they will be of great service. I shall remember you kindly each time I make use of them!

During these long, cold, inactive months we have upon our hands, Lt. M. Ramsey and myself have been in the process of making some new pieces for ourselves. Namely, new Waistcoats and wool undress jackets. Our Mr. Ramsey is quite the tailor and threatens to out swagger us all in his new double breasted waistcoat.

On the other hand, mine is quite plain and old-fashioned as is evidenced in the image of it I shall enclose with this missive. It has always been my tendency to be a creature of habit, and in the realm of fashion, I suppose it is no different.

Again, you have my most sincere thanks for your kindness and know that I most sincerely wish you health and success equal to the justice of our cause; and am, with great respect, dear Sir,

Your affectionate and obedient servant,

Doctor A. Roberts
Lt. Ramsey and I are nearly finished with our new waistcoats, the other evening we sat together in conversation while we worked on them, I at my pocket flaps and he at the lining and back of his own. His has made great leaps and bounds in progress. We lack only the proper buttons for the garments in question, which must be ordered from afar, and can be quite expensive. 

I may see if any of the officers are in need of similar buttons and gauge their interest in splitting the cost, as the minimum order would appear to be 50 buttons, and I have no need for so many.

Sick & Hurt Commissioners Button
Mr. Ramsey and I have set upon the idea that our next projects this winter shall be to put together new breeches (altho' I believe that the Lt. has decided on trousers) and new wool undress coats. We have not yet decided which will come first, tho' I suspect that the breeches may come first, as we have a great quantity of the material for them already at hand.

My next task is to lay hands upon a set of buttons for my coat that bear the mark of the Sick and Hurt Board at a reasonable cost. I have several leads and am still in the process of making inquiries into the matter.


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    I love this blog. The thing I would like to know is whether the Surgeon's log is taken from an archive or invented...

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  2. All posts are written by myself unless otherwise noted at the bottom of the post. I always try to give credit to the original author when possible.

    It gratifies me to know that you enjoy our adventures here aboard HMS Acasta… always feel free to comment on any post and let us know what you like!