Tuesday, January 29

A Most Peculiar Dream

I had the most unusual dream last night...  I attended a great ball with many friends and relations, but I seemed to be one of the only people dressed in the proper fashion. Some wore clothing from my father's generation and earlier, some wore fashions or uniforms I did not recognize. Other than the unusual garb, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely.

Miss Tattman and I do not seem to be able to make head nor tail of it.
The garb worn by all seemed quite out of sorts.
At one point near the end, I do seem to recall Miss Waterman dancing with a dog.
Lt. Tumbusch and his wife lead the merriment.


  1. I seem to have shared in a very similar dream...

  2. A time-jump ball! Was the music of your era? What dances did you do?