Friday, January 4

More from the Mail Packet

Below, dear reader, you will find another of the letters pulled from the recent Mail Packet. This one is somthing of a mystery, as it is not addressed directly to any of us aboard ship, and is only signed 'Countess T.' We have all passed it around in an attempt to make heads or tails of it. Read on!

Tennessee, America
Gentlemen of the H.M. S. Acasta

Dear Sirs:                

It has come to my attention that you are in great need of society. While, I am unable to bring my person to the great sea directly, I thought it prudent that you receive this missive immediately. Please do not think it forward of me writing to you, as none of us have been properly introduced. My mother, the Dowager Countess, assures me that it is certainly acceptable to write to our men at sea as long as we have a direct acquaintance. I must say, that I am informally acquainted with Mrs. Glidden, who introduced me lightly to Mr. Roberts, and thus here I am being recommended you!   

You may think it strange for a Noblewoman to be writing directly to you, much less from the wilds of America, I am sure. The company I keep here is limited, yet the people are friendly and less wild than you may imagine. I have met several of the savages that frequent these parts, and was most impressed with their own sort of nobility, although, they were scandalously dressed! Pray, do not be afraid for any of our safety as these wild men do all appear well behaved. And, I have learned to fire a musket. That is truly an American sort of adventure, is not it?             

Please write me directly, do. If melancholia sets in for any reason, make sure to think of your countrywomen in the American frontier and send her a communication, as I can assure you that both Mrs. G and myself will both welcome any news from the brave fighting men on the seas and the excitement they create.   


You too can get in on the fun of writing a letter to your favorite Acasta crew members, to find out how... be sure to have a look inside the MAIL PACKET. 

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