Monday, May 20

Lt. Ramsey's Summer Project

Lt. Ramsey
Our Lt. Ramsey has gone and gotten himself involved with the Americans at Williamsburg... about 30 years in the past (from US anyway)!

He seems to have found some gainful employment to make the best of his time, he's helping with the construction of a great tent for their General Geo. Washington! 

For much of the Revolutionary War, George Washington's home was a large oval-shaped tent, the first "oval office" of the Commander-in-Chief of an American Army. 

Mr. Ramsey seen in the center, in the blue/grey cap.
This summer, Historic Trades tailors are reproducing the tent as part of a new partnership between Colonial Williamsburg and the Museum of the American Revolution. Once complete, the reproduction tent will be used for a variety of educational and outreach programs, in advance of the opening of the Museum of the American Revolution in 2016.

Be sure to stop over and have a look!

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