Tuesday, June 18

At Halifax

Commissioner's House in the Naval Yard, Halifax.
18 Jun 1813

Arrived Halifax from New London, in company with the Valiant, having left the Ramillies and Orpheus blockading Com. Decateur's squadron.

We have brought with us our recent prize of the American brig Porcupine, a beautiful 20 gun brig that was returning to the United States from Bayonne, France. Her crew was 72 men strong. Captain Freymann had Mr. Raley and a small prize crew sail her the short distance into Halifax along side the Acasta and Valiant.

Once arrived, the Marines offloaded the American sailors and marched them south, down to Fort George as prisoners-of-war. The Porcupine's Captain, a fellow by the name of Beckford, and the other American officers were put in a carriage under armed escort and driven away.

I have given Mr. Vasserman a list of supplies that I require from the apothecary shops in Halifax proper to replenish my supplies onboard. Along with Vasserman, I sent enough money to purchase my needed medicinals as well as a little extra for him to have a meal in an ale-house on his way back. I also enclosed a written note to whoever Vasserman encounters at the Apothecary with a clear list of what is required so that there can be no misunderstanding in the filling of my order.

After Vasserman departed, it gave me an opportunity to work on a few unfinished letters to put into the post.

Captain Freymann, the Acasta lieutenants and I have been invited to the Commissioner's House tomorrow evening for dinner along with Captain Oliver and his officers.
George Foster Emmons, The navy of the United States, from the commencement, 1775 to 1853; with a brief history of each vessel’s service and fate ... Comp. by Lieut. George F. Emmons ... under the authority of the Navy Dept. To which is added a list of private armed vessels, fitted out under the American flag ... also a list of the revenue and coast survey vessels, and principal ocean steamers, belonging to citizens of the United States in 1850.
( Washington: Gideon & Co., 1853.)

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