Thursday, September 12

Almost There!

This upcoming Wednesday, Sept 18th, is the final turn in day for Magazine sales... and thanks to YOUR help here online, MY class is in second place over the entire school, and just a little behind our rival class. We are definitely gaining ground, but we're not there yet.

With your help, we can pull off the perfect 'come from behind' victory!

Here's what you can do to help:

Follow the link to and enter the School Code 2682037

That's the code for BEECH HIGH SCHOOL.

When it asks you the name of the student you want to give the sale to, tell it "Albert Roberts", That's me! I know I'm not a student, but it counts toward my class this way.

Then, find the perfect magazine for you, or to give someone as a gift...


Don't put it off, I need your help to achieve victory, LOG ON RIGHT NOW!

1 comment:

  1. Well, Doctor? Your "extended" ship's company would love to know how your students did. Will Miss Waterman be inconsolable? Or are you triumphant?