Thursday, September 5

The Valiant Signals Again

"They've written us a proper storybook with this one sir!" said the midshipman as he looked across toward HMS Valiant, their signal flags whipping in the stiff breeze. It was enough breeze that they stood out straight and clear, it would make it easier to translate them.

"At least they're not all limp." said the boy as he started jotting the numbers down on his little slate for translation.

The Lieutenant of the watch frowned at the boy, but it was true, this message was fairly lengthy. Adding to his frustration, the Valiant had used several longer numbers that he didn't immediately recognize, he was going to have to fetch the book for this one.


  1. "Head up the Sound and endeavor to annoy the enemy, Sir."

  2. "Head up the Sound and endeavour to annoy the enemy, message ends, Sir!"