Wednesday, December 11

Military Panorama or Officer's Companion

Captain Freymann has complained bitterly about the generally poor state of mail delivery to Halifax for some time now. His most recent complaint stems from the late delivery of his copy of "Military Panorama" for the month of April.

I must confess that having your issue arrive nearly a full eight months after its publication does seem excessively tardy.

I have offered suggestions that perhaps he write to the post office in Halifax in an attempt to ascertain the root of the problem. A well written inquiry might be able to discover if the fault lies with the Post Office, the publishers or the printer himself.

By the time I had made the suggestion, his attention was already devoted to the late issue. He was apparently reading something about an expedition to Egypt and correcting the author aloud on bits of detail as he went.

Mr. McArdle was bringing in a light repast as I saw myself out of the great cabin.

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