Tuesday, January 28

Wintering in Bermuda

28 Jan 1814, at Bermuda.

The Acasta has returned to Bermuda where we are to effect repairs and restock our provisions and stores. The harbour is full of ships of all sorts it would seem. Nearly 40 US prizes, along with the following RN vessels are currently in harbour : San Domingo (74), Endymion, Lacedemonion, Diadem (64), Romulus (36), Plantaganet, Rattler, Fox, Valiant, Belvidera, Rifleman, Ringdove, Sylph and Musquodobit, are spending winter with the flag officer, where it is a bit warmer than Halifax.

I, for one, am quite pleased by the prospect of wintering in a more tropical clime. I have not been tolerably warm since November last.

Captain Pechell of the San Domingo has extended an invitation to the Acasta's officers to dine with him at our leisure. Captain Freymann sent Midshipman Hamilton down to ask me if I thought Thursday evening was too soon, or would my duties keep me from attending.

I sent young Hamilton back with my compliments, that my duties should not keep me from attending, and that I thought Thursday evening to be most agreeable. Vassermann can be sent into the apothecary in town with a list of the medicinals I require to replenish my chest, and I can leave the rounds to Baptiste in my stead that evening.

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