Monday, March 3

From the Acasta's new Sailing Master

Dear Captain Freymann-

I am quite pleased to be ordered to the Acasta, although I trust that the master's accommodations on board will be adequate to my needs. I was quite satisfied with my cabin aboard HMS Majestic and would prefer not to be forced into a smaller space. I believe that it may compromise my delicate constitution.

As I may be delayed a few days while I deal with affairs ashore, I ask that the storage of some casks and barrels of spirits be kept separate from those to be stored in the spirit locker as I have found them to be lighter than those of water and salt beef and when stowing the hold for trim, it is well to have a variety of weights available to hand.

I expect to report aboard no later than Friday in the first watch and I look forward to sailing together. I hope that we will pass many evenings together, playing whist over port or brandy.
Until then, I remain,

Your Most Humble Servant,
John Duncan MacLachlan,
Sailing Master.

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