Wednesday, March 5

Note to the Captain

Dear Captain Freymann, 

Your man caught up with me today and, he was quite rude! I hope that he merely misunderstood your meaning and misquoted your message. What I am led to believe is that you wish me aboard today and that with all my dunnage! Sir, I am not nearly ready to embark what with all my navigational instruments currently on loan to an associate of mine. I was in fact, in discussion with business associates in a tavern about the return of my instruments when your man approached me (nay accosted would be more accurate!). I must say, he was very impertinent! He, in fact, made suggestion that I was under the effects of drink! If he were not one of yours, I would protest officially, Sir. As it is, it is quite impossible for me to report aboard today, and I shall require some men to assist in the transport of my trunks and sea chests, perhaps Thursday afternoon, if you would be so kind? I thank you and again wish to state how much I am looking forward to this cruise. 

Your Humble Servant, 
J.D. MacLachlan, 
Sailing Master.

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