Friday, September 12

Impressment Totals

The Acastas were charged with pressing no less than 75 men for service in His Majesty's Royal Navy, below find the final totals of the men that were taken up at New Boston.

Boy: 13
Landman: 48
Ordinary Seaman: 9
Able Seaman: 9
Gunner's Mate: 2
Blacksmith's Mate: 1
Carpenter's Mate: 1
Warrant: 1

Total: 84

There will be a group of Acastas this coming weekend at the 200th anniversary of the first battle of Ft. Bowyer, put on by the 7th United States Infantry Living History Association.

This image of Ft. Bowyer is from Lossing's Field History of the War of 1812.

The location is Ft. Morgan State Historic Site on Mobile Point. The fort is about 25 miles west of Gulf Shores Alabama on HWY 180.

Friday is a school day. Main public activities are on Saturday. No programming is scheduled for Sunday.

The Park opens at 8;30 am both days. Morning Colors are at 9. A complete schedule of activities will be available at the Fort.

If you are in the area, stop by and pay the Acastas a visit and be sure to remind them that their Doctor says they are to take their 'blue pill' while they are away from the ship!

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