Tuesday, October 28

Lice Aboard Ship!

It has come to my attention that several of the men have become infested with lice. I had them brought in straight away and Vassermann, Baptiste and I have since been furiously at work with my little combs, but have made little headway (so to speak). An infestation of lice aboard a blockading vessel when nearly every man aboard, save the officers, has long hair, can very quickly become a problem.

Therefore, I have ordered each effected man to be combed thoroughly, and bathed with lye soap. Likewise all their clothing is to be washed in the freshest water available with lye soap.

If we can not be rid of the lice with a good combing and a wash of each effected man, I'll order their heads shaved and keep them in the sickbay until I feel that they can be released back among the general population.

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  1. Surely the men of Acasta's Royal Marine detachment do not also have long hair? I was sure the Royal Marines had been ordered in the Year Nine to cut their queues and have their hair trimmed short in the modern fashion, as the Army also now does.