Thursday, November 6

Mission X in Images

The trip to Malmaison was amazing and I wanted to make a special post specifically to thank all the awesome folks who helped to make it happen for us.

Thanks to the guys who helped me get my new wardrobe together, my friends Michael Ramsey and Brian Cushing.

My wife and I are TERRIBLE about remembering to take pictures at events, so another big thanks to all the photographers that were at the event, and for allowing me to make use of their great images here on the Acasta website:

Thanks also to the kind fellow who portrayed Napoleon at this particular event, Mark Schneider. For those of you who might be curious, I actually asked for Mark's permission to do this long before it ever happened. It was important to me that 'Napoleon' be comfortable with the scenario before it happened.

And my final thanks to Cristina and Martin who invited us to this fantastic event! It was an amazing experience that we will not soon forget.

For the record, this was as close as I was ever able to get to 'Napoleon' with the little green bottle.

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