Tuesday, January 27

A Promotion!

Our Captain Fryman has been recognized by the Crown Forces North America (CFNA) Naval Establishment group for his real life nautical and military experience. The Mission Statement of the Naval Establishment of the CFNA is as follows:

To portray with accuracy and fidelity the Royal Navy and Provincial Marine as it would have appeared and acted on service in North America during the War of 1812;

To provide instruction and experience in seamanship of the Navy of the Georgian era, and all sailorly arts pertaining thereto; and

To participate in company and cooperation with Crown Forces military reenactors in the design, organization, execution and mutual enjoyment of Crown Forces North America events and activities.

Robert Fryman's real life Coast Guard qualifications include:

- officer leadership and training (advanced to CG Lt - Junior Grade (equivalent to 1st Lt in the Army and Marines)

- PQS in Communications and Navigation

- Watch Stander, Sector Charleston

- Recipient of 2 Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendations (one of which was for my participation in Operation Joint Response)

- Boat Crew qualified

- Since 2010 have been active with the CG Auxiliary assigned to Sector Hampton Roads as staff officer for Marine Program Visitation and Public Education

Therefore Robert has been made a 'Post Captain' in the CFNA! The CFNA has some fairly strict standards for their Post Captain candidates.

They require their Post Captain candidates to possess a CCG/MoT 60-Ton Limited Waters Command Qualification with Sail Endorsement, or an equivalent USCG-certified or United Kingdom MoT qualification or parallel certification (e.g. British Yachtmaster minimum with additional certification) and an acceptable record of command of multi-masted traditional-rig vessels, or professional certification as a practitioner of a naval/marine art or skill that historically was recognized by the granting of Post rank or its equivalent, e.g. Dockyard Captain. A further qualification shall be an acceptable degree of historical knowledge about the Navy of 1792-1815.

It's really awesome that Robert has been recognized in this way. We give him joy of his acknowledgement!


  1. Many congratulations, Captain! It is an honor well-deserved.

  2. Give you joy of your promotion, Captain!

    We shall drink your health in a bumper, with three times three!