Thursday, February 5

A Recollection

By Jas. Apple 

Sometimes as I recall during a hot press it was often necessary while in the search of able seaman to go outside of the normal bounds and look for men. We simply needed two arms, two hands and two legs, two feet and a body with a head on top

And often those who had heard the rumor that we were on the prowl would switch into long clothes and slip right off the reel, not be seen or heard from again till the coast was clear, that is to say we had set sail.

So with very little to tender we would crack on and start to careen from tavern to pub the nasties, and as I recall rarely did we find Jack or Joe, but more likely a spitkid full of dogsbodys begging for hanky panky to stay warm if it was cold. And lord we promised them a easy number, warm food and signing bonus and prize money.

So with a fair amount of hogging, even the worst chaffered up enough to make a landsman and on occasion with time if they didn't die or get whittled down make a damn fine and able seaman.

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