Tuesday, July 28

From the Leander's Log

HMS Leander 
Captains's Log,

Wednesday 28th December 1814 
Position: Lat.40.38 N. Long.52.13 W.

4am Strong gales and squally with rain and a heavy sea squadron in company. 
Daylight observed strange sail SE by S, made Newcastle signal to chase. Out 3rd. reefs and made sail in chase .

9.40 up Top-gallant masts and main-top gallant yard, out 2nd reefs. 

11.10 swayed the gaff up and set the driver and reefed main top- gallant sail.

12. Strong breezes with heavy squalls, Newcastle S by E, Acaster W by N, Stranger NE 5 miles, trimmed sails occasionally. crew employed variously. 
Opened pease weight of 5 bushels. 
Water 224 1/2 tons.

PM Strong breezes and cloudy with squalls made and shortened sail occasionally. In the squalls carried away the trysail mast.

2.15 carried away the jib stay, spliced same and set the sail again, fired several shots at chase. Newcastle and this ship firing at chase.

4 fresh gales with heavy squalls. Observed chase shew American colours and bring to shortened sail, hove to close reefed the topsail furled, mizzen same and mainsail. Squadron in company.

4.30 sent Lieut. and 8 men on board prize, struck top-gallant yards and masts. DW by DW squadron and prize in company.

12 DW squadron and prize in company.

Thursday 29th December 1814 
Position: Lat. 41.21 N. Long 52.21 W.

4 am. Strong breeze and heavy squalls squadron in company.

6.40 am. ran down to close Newcastle and rounded to again

8 am. DW squadron and prize in company.

9 am. sent a boat onboard prize discovered her to be the American privateer Prince of Neufchatel of 18 guns and and 129 men, 8 days from Boston, found that the jolly boat had swamped and broke adrift during the night from the prize employed remaining prisoners, received 48 sent mid. and 8 men on board with a months provisions.

12 am. moderate with heavy swell. 
Opened Beef no.7 of 38 lbs, Pork No.7and8 of 56 pieces each, Sugar No. 395 of 280 lbs. 
Water 222 1/2 tons.

3.45 pm. out 3rd. reefs and set mizen topsail supplied prize with a compass her being washed away.

4 pm. Lt. ? and fine fine with a heavy swell squadron and prize in company.

5 pm. bore up and set foresail.

6 pm. DW

7 pm. a breeze springing up from the SW trimmed sails

8 pm. moderate and cloudy braced the yards by to let prize come up. Newcastle WSW, Acasta NW by W, prize WNW .

9 pm. rounded to for prize.

11 pm. bore up and burnt a blue light.

12 pm. moderate and cloudy, lowered the topsails, Newcastle and Acasta in company.

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