Tuesday, July 21

'Going Home' Dinner

As the original Acasta was called home after the war in July of 1815, we decided to celebrate the passing of her final 200th anniversary with a 'Going Home' dinner at Locust Grove this past weekend. New Acasta recruit (and real life 5 Star Chef) Mike Schwendau slaved in the period reproduction kitchen in the record setting Kentucky heat to prepare a fantastic period feast! Below are some of the images he snapped while it was in production, along with his comments:

ingredients waiting to be tended to for the dinner before home...

Chickens.... getting ready to go into the dutch oven.

The steamed pudding nestled into the bowl and ready to sing...

searing pork loins before going to the dutch oven. Topped with sage and thyme from the garden. In the copper the boiled pudding is just beginning to sing a bit.

Steamed pudding of dried cherries and dowsed with Apricot Brandy and Blue Berries, accompanied with English custard… not pictured.

Lemon Polenta Pound cake. garnished with fresh strawberries, dried cherries and almonds. Spritzed with Apricot brandy and topped with english custard at service.

Special thanks to Locust Grove for allowing us to make use of their amazing facilities, and HUGE thanks once again to Mike Schwendau for making the dinner happen! More images of the dinner to come soon!

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