Tuesday, August 25

Mail Packet, Sneak Peek

It's almost time to start putting the Mail into the Packet, but before I did, here's a sneak peek at some of it. We got some really beautiful, amazing stuff this year and I wanted to give special thanks to the following for their amazing efforts!

Melissa Alexander
Toni Tumbusch
Tony Gerard
Lauren Muney
Catie LeCours
Stephanie Farra
Adrian Geary
K. Tolhurst
Paris Major
J. Winchester
Kat Rosewitz
L. Phillips
Sabine Schierhoff
R. Bartgis
S. Jones

…and all of our other readers who submitted pieces for the education and enjoyment of our members and the public. Without you, the mail packet project would have been woefully empty. The Packet is slated to be delivered on Saturday, Sept. 5th at the Fair at New Boston. 

Keep watching participants, there's more to come!

1 comment:

  1. Writing letters for you all is as close to being an Acasta as I can get! Thank YOU for the opportunity to be part of such a fun event, even from a distance.