Friday, April 8

To take Ink or Wine out of Woolen or Linen Cloth

Take the juice of lemons and wet the spot with it several times, letting it dry each time, then wash it with soap and vinegar, and the spot will go out.

At least I only have to do the Doctor’s linens, if’n the rest of the crew affer Christmas dinner wanted all thems linens and coats warshed i’d warsh right through my hands. I never met with a messier clan of loud and lively men.

From the book: "The Servant's Directory, Improved" or "House Keeper's Companion; Wherein the duties of the Chamber-maid, Nursery-maid, House-maid, Laundry-maid, Scullion or Undercook, are fully and distinctly explained. To which is added, Cookery and Pickling sufficient to qualify a person to act as THOROUGH SERVANT in any family."

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