Monday, February 6

A Book Review

A short review by Tony Gerard- 

"Jack Tar- The extraordinary lives of ordinary seamen in Nelson's navy" by Roy and Lesley Adkins

If you are doing a Royal Navy impression and you only ever intend to read one book on the topic this should be the one! I can't say enough good about this book. We're I an officer I'd make it required reading for all Acastas.

It covers  pretty much all aspects of life for a British Tar at the time of Nelson with the focus on the common sailor. Daily life aboard ship, food and food preparation, press gang, relationships (man to woman, man to man, man to other), combat, capture, medical treatment, life ashore and more. It's all in there. Well documented with plenty of actual quotes and passages from the period. And it's written in a nonacademic style that's easy to read! Not many pictures, but the content more than makes up for that.

Five stars and two thumbs up!
-Tony Gerard

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  1. This review actually got to the authors!