Friday, February 24

The Men at Martinique

The following is a list of Acastas who served and received the Naval General Service Medal for the capture of Martinique on 24 February 1809, for which a medal was bestowed upon the Army.

BAILEY, Walter  Ord
BIRTH, Thomas  Pte. R.M.
CAMPBELL, James  Lieut. R.M.
CRAIG, Robert  Ord
DOUGLAS, James S.  Midshipman
GRIFFITHS, Lewellyn  Pte. R.M.
HARRIS, William  Boy
JEFFERY, Samuel  A.B.
JONES, John  Carp's Crew
LAKE, William  Armourer's Mate
MARSHALL, George E.  Lieut. R.N.
ORR, Robert  L.M.
RIDSDALE, Thomas  Supn Boy
SIMS, Andrew  Midshipman
STEPHENSON, Henry  Capt' After Guard
VEAL, Richard  L.M.
WEYLIE, Thomas  L.M.
WILLIAMS, Richard P.  Surgeon

From: Naval General Service Medal Roll 1793-1840 by Kenneth Douglas Morris

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