Tuesday, June 12

Before the Mast Vol II

Our second weekend as the first, brought great success to our continued training. It began by reintroducing everyone as we had been apart for some three weeks and was followed by a refresher on safety equipment on board the Friends Good Will. After we were all reacquainted, we practiced tossing our mooring lines to the dock as well as adjusting the main and head sails. After a slight weather delay we made ready to sail up the channel out onto the lake for our first hands on sail. While we made preparations, the Captain did us Acasta’s a great honor by flying the royal ensign on the flag halyard! We gave our heartiest cheer and thanked him for his kind gesture.

Once we set the main and head sails out on the water, we practiced tacking our good ship to windward and wearing her to get us landsmen used to adjusting the sails to the Captain’s desires. The lake was calm and we had a pleasant breeze to aid us in or practice. We sailed our course parallel to the shore back and forth roughly two miles out for a few hours until it was time to return. As we sailed into the channel we were greeted by many onlookers. Between readying our stations to dock, were able to wave back and enjoy the comfort of the return ride. Once we were moored, the Captain called a huddle at the mast and thanked us all for our time and eagerness to learn. With that, we concluded our training and were accepted as volunteer crew. We now have the opportunity to gain more sailing experience as often as we want and have a wonderful organization and ship to turn our passion for interpretation into real life experience.

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