Friday, July 20

A Letter to the Captain

To: Captain Rehme
HMS Acasta
At Sea

Commodore Thomas Hurlbut
American Station,
Nova Scotia

June 15, 1813

My Dear Sir James, 

I have recently heard of your detached boat’s crew taking the American cutter, now known as HM Cutter Little Belt, named for the sloop-of-war HMS Little Belt (20 guns), in which that fellow Bingham made such an heroic stand against USS President (rated 44) in the year ’11. Well done, Sir! The vessels on the Lakes, late of the Provincial Marine and now under the control of the Royal Navy, need every hull they can acquire to ensure command of those inland seas. I expect that you’ll want those fine fellows back but skilled Seamen are desperately needed there and I hope you’ll consider letting us use them for the time being. I’ve no doubt that you’ll have good luck in replacing them with fresh drafts from England, certainly more easily and more readily than we can here in British North America.

Next month, I will be heading to Upper Canada with a detachment of Sailors to participate in operations against United States fortifications and would appreciate the use of your boat’s Crew of skilled and experienced Hands. 

I wish you the best of good fortune, Sir.

Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant,

Thomas Hurlbut,
Admiralty House,

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