Tuesday, May 21

A Letter from Billie

1815 28 febr
Namerican stayshun
Father & Mather

I am sorry that I ran aweigh and you must have asumd me knoked in the head in a ditch and never to come home agaen, a few of us agrid to meet up and join the war and thay told us that if we sighed our names than we we got a shiling each and we could join the navey and gett prise monies and have pleney of good meat and things green to eat the whole thyme we are on ship and we would be landsman and sounded fair since we growed up not on the cosst, thay sid I could milk cows and that lift things and ay toell them that I can do that at home so thay made me pull lines and klimb up ento the masts and I got guud at it and the give me a difrnt things to doo now thay are a lot of felleows on here with me and a few of those are kind to me bat they took patrkic fryy willam eveens robart shuemaker to diffent ships and I shant seed them since thay put us. all on this tender ship afoe id come to here and I hope they famieles got letders like this one I have sent to you and are heavy with prise monies like the say I am wen we get back home plus I git payd every month since I am gone also how is my dog?
Youer son

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