Tuesday, May 28

A Letter to Hollybrass

To Sam'l Hollybrass
Aboard HM Ship Acasta


I have been ashore these three years now and since my leg won't allow me to go to sea no more, I used my prize money winnings and little bit of pension money to purchase John Juety's old dwelling house, brewery, hop yard and stable and have begun brewing beer like we always talked about when we served together with Captain Dundas in the old Euryalus in the Mediterranean station in '06.

I even run an advertisement in the newspaper like a real man of business, I advertised Strong Beer at 32s. per Barrel, good Table Beer for 15s. per Barrel, and Small Beer at 10s. Out of the House we sell Strong Beer by the single Gallon 1s. or 6d. a Quart. We even sell Grains for feeding Milch Cows, Horses and Swine by the Bushel and Strong Beer Yeast for 8d. per Quart.

As you was always exceptional kind to me when we was mess-mates, I wanted to cut you in on the deal. So if you ever find yourself ashore again and at your liesure from the King's navy, come out and I'll set you up as the Brewer and I'll take care of the dwelling house. We'll split up the profits from the old place and drink up anything extra that don't sell and be happy as Lords for the rest of our days like we always talked about! I passed along the same offer to our boy Cullen, but I ain't heard nothing back from him.

Keep your head out of the path of French balls, and remember me fondly to the rest of our old shipmates!

R. Martin
at the Plow
Essex Road

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