Monday, July 29

New Monday Posting

The Acasta website you’re reading this on right now has served us well over the years since the founding of the unit in 2011. It’s allowed people to find us who might not otherwise have known we existed, it’s been a great place to post event and project photos, and it’s been the perfect spot for our Royal Naval research and historical fiction posts.

But online trends change over time and so must we. People have moved away from blogs in favor of more visual forms of social networking. Viewership and follower interaction on the Acasta site has decreased over the years as people moved away from the blog format to partake of their media in other places.

Therefore, instead of posting daily, the Acasta site will now have posts on Mondays, with the main emphasis being to shift more of our effort toward our Instagram page. Instagram is one of the top platforms for engagement. It’s an easy, friendly way to participate in the Acasta’s adventures! Likes and comments on the Acasta’s IG page are a SNAP!

Our goal with the Acasta Instagram is for each image to serve as a little window in time. As if the viewer is looking through to the War of 1812. Our standards are high, and we strive to bring you the best of the images from the many events we attend throughout the years.

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